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“Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. There is no short-cutting to life. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.”
— Asha Tyson

If you have ever been on the fence about purchasing Origami Owl, or joining, I have the best news!  Beginning March 1 thru March 8 you can join for as little as $49 and receive the Rosegold Stainless Steel watch for FREE(while supplies last) plus 4 take out menus, a designer charm, your website free, 3 month free trial of the my o2 connection app plus $100 wholesale credit!  More options available for kits but this is just amazing, all that for only $49!  WOWZA

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With a deal as sweet as this, I won’t be surprised if the watch sells out on Day 1 or Day 2!  Don’t miss out and feel free to reach out with any questions!  Think about it tonight…

What’s the worst that could happy?



Growing with love + leadership

At Origami Owl we have a unique program that sets us apart.  A youth entrepreneur program.  We call our young entrepreneurs Owlettes or BRO’s(boys representing Origami Owl) between the ages of 11-17.


Being an Owlette or BRO means more than growing skills, understanding business or making extra money. It is about developing CONFIDENCE + awakening COURAGE that helps them out of their comfort zone. It teaches our youth to set goals + provides them the opportunity to be recognized for their efforts.
Our program embraces everyone, fostering friendships + authentic connections. It encourages our youth to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others, by helping people tell their stories through jewelry. They can bring hope to others and CHANGE LIVES, simply by sharing this one-of-a-kind opportunity, that is unique to Origami Owl.

I’m so inspired by the journeys we see everyday with our Owlette teams. Here’s just one story of an Owlette team, featuring sisters Kali and Hana.

Meet Owlette Team Kali + Hana

I know sometimes it can be hard to start something new especially with a teen that can change their mind on a dime lol.  We have a special opportunity right now until February 15th with an On the Go option for only $25 plus you will receive a shopping credit of $50(wholesale) to spend on Origami Owl.  So worse case scenario, you give it a shot and you or your teen decides this just isn’t for them, so you get a nice gift for someone you love or yourself.


When trend meets meaning…

Maybe your teen doesn’t ask for much or maybe they want to save up for a car, already have a car and they always need gas money, saving up for college, want new clothes every week lol, needs a phone or goes over your data plan, wants to give back by doing fundraisers for a special charity, needs more positive influences and friends in their life, lacking self-esteem or maybe they are just shy and want to grow.  Like I said before it’s not just about making money, it is so much more…

I would love for whoever takes the time to read this to join me on a special online event 2/12/19 at 5:00pm CST Getting real with Chrissy & Bella

Join us as Founders, Bella Weems-Lambert and Chrissy Weems, discuss Origami Owl’s journey as a social selling company. We will be taking all your burning questions about running your own O2 business live!



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Cyber Monday attack!

Are you getting deals today? I mean there is nothing better than shopping in your pjs right?!! Curious what your top must shop items are?

My son wants at his GameCube controller Super Smash Bros ultimate edition for the Switch.

Hubby wants a smart tv!

Daughter didn’t ask for anything but she always wants clothes or anything BTS and NCT related KPop stuff!

I already made my purchase, with Origami Owl! This was all I wanted:





  • 28-30 Silver Ball Station Chain 
  • Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Silver Fragrance Pendant 
  • Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Sweetness of Life Hawaiian Plumeria Fragrance Beads 
  • Silver Navy Tassel Pendant

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Black Friday deals for you!

Are you a run in store for the deals type person or shop from your couch with a glass of wine 🍷 person?

Nothing says “I care” like a Christmas present someone had to throw an elbow for. #blackfriday 😂

There is nothing more meaningful than sharing your story and the story of those that you love through jewelry and…

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Calling all my deal loving shoppers…


Hey Hey Heyyyyyyyyyyy everyone, it’s me again!!! I hope ya’ll missed me as much as I missed you because I have something pretty incredible to share with you! My Black Friday BEST OFFERS OF THE SEASON Facebook BLACKOUT Group is NOW OPEN and you each get an invite! I appreciate your support all year ’round and have saved a spot for you! Come on in and take advantage! I’ll meet you over there!

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Mothers & Daughters – Goals

I’m a busy mom myself, and I love to keep things simple.  I enjoy the fact that with my Origami Owl business and my new Willing Beauty business, my teenage daughter can participate in all of it with me.  She is an Owlette and soon to be Willa Girl.  We inspire young kids(I say kids because we have boys too) as young as 11 to be entrepreneurs!  Love, inspire, motivate + empower!  My family has been blessed and can see that I am happy, more positive, I have a strong connection with my O2 sisters and truly enjoy what I do.  At a time when it can be difficult to relate to my teenage daughter, we have this that allows us to do things together that we both love, share with friends and help others.

Origami Owl recently announced the return of our $99 Business Essentials kit with a value of over $275, you get a free gift, and you may get a golden egg with goodies inside!  Watch this short video and get excited!  If you have never heard of Origami Owl you can learn more here.