On the 2nd day of gifting…

So I missed posting about yesterday but here we go day 2! Are you excited? I’m excited!

These gifts at an Owlmazing price are live now! On the 2nd day of gifting, Origami Owl gave to me: the most beautiful Signature Living Locket Watch! And

Large Silver Sparkle Twist Living Locket with Swarovski Crystals + 24-26” cube chain. 24 HOURS ONLY OR WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Where are all my Watch lovers at!???? Soooo many of you have asked for a deal- well, here’s your deal! Last year during this same, 12 Days of Gifting, Origami Owl brought us a beautiful Watch to share with all of you at an incredible price! We begged them to do it again and they DID NOT disappoint!

This Signature Living Locket Watch is an incredible gift for someone on your holiday gifting list…and maaaaybe it’s perfect for you, too! You can add more Charms or keep it simple. This gift set disappears in 24 hours or while supplies last, so hurry and grab it!

The locket is just outstanding, a double row of Swarovski Crystals, pictures do it no justice!

Have fun shopping here!

And come back tomorrow to see Day 3!



Cyber Monday attack!

Are you getting deals today? I mean there is nothing better than shopping in your pjs right?!! Curious what your top must shop items are?

My son wants at his GameCube controller Super Smash Bros ultimate edition for the Switch.

Hubby wants a smart tv!

Daughter didn’t ask for anything but she always wants clothes or anything BTS and NCT related KPop stuff!

I already made my purchase, with Origami Owl! This was all I wanted:





  • 28-30 Silver Ball Station Chain 
  • Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Silver Fragrance Pendant 
  • Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Sweetness of Life Hawaiian Plumeria Fragrance Beads 
  • Silver Navy Tassel Pendant

We have several other door busters and plenty of other deals still available today! Plus FREE SHIPPING 😉



Black Friday deals for you!

Are you a run in store for the deals type person or shop from your couch with a glass of wine 🍷 person?

Nothing says “I care” like a Christmas present someone had to throw an elbow for. #blackfriday 😂

There is nothing more meaningful than sharing your story and the story of those that you love through jewelry and…

This is Hands Down our Biggest Specials of the Year perfect for your Holidays! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Limited Amounts- Once they are gone, they gone!


Let me know when you order so I can send you an additional Happy Mail from me for helping support my business- my gift to you💝

Get your shopping on here!

And for even more deals jump on over to my VIP community!

You free tomorrow?

You’ll be on Facebook anyway right….

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Here is just a taste of what’s to come:

I am loved

New to our Empowerment collection 😍



My Why

My Why has changed over the years, a big part will always be my family, but I also want to pay off debt, live debt free, give back to my community more, take my family on vacation at least once a year, pay for college for both of my kids and maybe go back to school myself for Medical Coding.
I fell in love with Origami Owl at first because as a child I was fascinated with mother’s rings with the birthstones. When I saw O2 for the first time that was what I created, except this was a locket, so much better! Now I love to help others create their story with jewelry, such a beautiful and sentimental piece that can bring smiles and tears all at the same time, it is jewelry that means so much!

Cluttered Chaos or is it….

Aka my office! I could make it so much better and I know I just need to commit to it! I need more inspiration. Yes I have checked Pinterest but I want to hear from others. What’s your favorite finds and do you have a color scheme happening?

Of course all my Origami Owl is up there, as it should be lol! My fave colors of aqua, white and pink, I would love to throw some rosegold in the mix too! So spam me if you could with your fave finds 😉




You matter

💞Seriously, this message is for YOU. You matter. Like a lot 💞So, so, so much. Who else thinks we all need a daily reminder of this? You are loved 😘

Stick it http://ltl.is/RUHiG