Cyber Monday attack!

Are you getting deals today? I mean there is nothing better than shopping in your pjs right?!! Curious what your top must shop items are?

My son wants at his GameCube controller Super Smash Bros ultimate edition for the Switch.

Hubby wants a smart tv!

Daughter didn’t ask for anything but she always wants clothes or anything BTS and NCT related KPop stuff!

I already made my purchase, with Origami Owl! This was all I wanted:





  • 28-30 Silver Ball Station Chain 
  • Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Silver Fragrance Pendant 
  • Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Sweetness of Life Hawaiian Plumeria Fragrance Beads 
  • Silver Navy Tassel Pendant

We have several other door busters and plenty of other deals still available today! Plus FREE SHIPPING 😉



28 days of Gift Giving

Is it ever too early to get your gift giving list in order? NO it’s not!

I have friends on both sides of this. Some start shopping at the begging of the year or anytime there is a sale, which I think is smart. Then there are those who wait until Black Friday or a few days before! Stressful much?

I’m here to offer some gift giving ideas that are sure to be a hit. Let’s start off with an easy one.

Day 1

Teachers!!!! We know our kids love to spoil their teachers with sweet gifts. So…when 24 kids bring candy, chocolates in a mug or baked cookies 🍪 WOW that’s a lot of sweets! Of course not every single kid will do that lol! Teachers love gift cards!!! Add a personal touch with a hand written card or drawing from your child. Make it even better by adding one of our XO Lip Oils, now that’s a sweet treat they won’t be able to get enough of.

Your choice of Peppermint or Coconut. You can feel good about giving this gift because at Willing Beauty our Willing Hearts Project gives $1 from each XO lip oil sold to help single mothers in need.

Planning to give baked goods to your neighbor, add an XO Lip Oil!

Need a stocking stuffer for a family gift exchange, give one or both of the XO Lip Oils!

Secret Santa gift exchange, you guessed it, XO Lip Oil!

You can’t go wrong with this gift idea, at only $12, it’s a treat that all will love.

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts of suggestions of gifts you love to give.

Simply Willing and Fearlessly Authentic Angelle’