Drink more water

We all know how important it is to drink enough water each day.  Do you know how much water you should drink daily?  I honestly don’t know & not sure if I have really thought about it.  As a busy mompreneur I don’t always have time for things like that.  Though I do try my best, my best guess is I probably drink 8-10 glasses a day, maybe more or less.

Sometimes we crave more flavor, so I go for fruit infused water.  My favorite combos would have to be strawberries & cucumbers, or lemon/lime & cucumbers, sometimes with mint thrown in the mix.  You can’t go wrong with your choices although they each have there own benefits.  I love finding different suggestions on Pinterest.

Vitamin C is not only great to put in your body by fruit infused water,  but great to put on your skin.  I love that it is part of our 5 forces of nature in Willing Beauty’s proprietary HY+5 complex.