The best is yet to come

To say 2020 has been a year of unexpected one after another moments is such an understatement. Yet we have pulled thru, made the best of every situation, and know that we are still very blessed. My kids, like many, lost out on making high school memories with their friends. Not complaining at all though, we created new memories and have cherished every moment. My son, was a Class of 2020 graduate, we left for Spring Break not knowing that would be the end of his Senior year. One thing after another was cancelled. When the world stayed apart, we stayed together. Feeling thankful to all be healthy, but sad to have moments taken away.

So with a pandemic in our midst, the high school the best they could to try to keep all safe, and hosted a drive-thru diploma pickup. We made the best of it!

Prom was also rescheduled for later in June, then also cancelled again. So I did what most moms decided to do. Hosted our own little prom. It wasn’t much but at least it was something.

At least we still had a graduation to look forward to in August….

Oh, yes, that was cancelled too.

We are very blessed again to live in such a wonderful community! About 7 of us(moms) got together and decided to put on a Graduation ceremony for our Seniors. A local church pastor(who happened to also have a Senior in the class) was very generous to give us the space of their wonderful church. We had only about a week and a half, but we pulled it off! Give a mom a goal with a deadline and we can get things done!

Even though it wasn’t what we were expected, it was still wonderful. It was a class of 908 students but we only had around 180 that attended with a max of 4 family members. The church staff was so helpful in laying out the safety measures for us, we had all rows spaced out every other row for the family members. All in all it was a nice day and we were all so thankful to celebrate our Seniors.

Now onward and upward!