T-shirt life

T-shirt life


T-shirts can be both comfy, fun, aesthetically pleasing, and inspirational.  Whether you go to work or stay home, having at least one fun and beautiful t-shirt that you love to wear is a must.  

 The time is now!  Be the first to lock in special pricing on our brand new T-Shirt Tribe subscription. Get insider information and get first dibs on our exciting new launch. Join the tribe now! 

We have an early bird special for our first 30 subscribers and I can't wait to send you this bag of happiness.  

I picked out this bag especially for our Tribe members.  It's perfect and fits well with my brand.  This is so exciting for me and I can't wait to see your happy faces in my shirts!  Wow I just said that, I have my own brand of shirts!  What are you waiting for sister?  

We all know that 2020 was a difficult year, a year that most of us couldn't to be over.  2021 has not been a ray of sunshine either... So we just take it day by day, stay in our lane, find your happy and love one another.  

All my life I have been most comfortable in t-shirt and jeans.  Now that most of us are not really leaving the house much, you probably are not even spending money on clothes, am I right?  So you are probably wondering why you would even bother spending money on a t-shirt anyway.  Hey if you want to stay in pj's all day that is your choice, do what makes you happy.  My shirts would make sweet pj tops too lol!  I have many themes I'm working on, sarcastic, kind, funny, holiday, momlife, etc.  If you have a specific idea in mind for one month please email me, I could always use the help of my friends.  

Give my tribe a try, if you are not completely happy you can cancel at anytime, otherwise you will receive new happy mail each month.  My promise to you is to make this a fun package you look forward to receiving each month and have you be proud to wear my t-shirts.  I would love it if you could take a picture once you receive your t-shirt tribe subscription and share on social media by tagging me @authenticangelle 

Stay golden and be kind always,




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