We live in such a complicated world!

Not everything in life has to be complicated.  I am a simple mom, trying to live a simple life!  With technology taking over everything sometimes you just want to hide it all away, pack up the family and go fishing!  Yep, I’d rather be fishing lol!  I think it’s been at least 3 years since we last went!

My kids are older now, only 3 more years before my oldest will be off to college, and 1 year before my youngest will be in high school!  #momofteens 

I have been in the direct sales biz for 5+ years.  I dabbled in a couple companies but didn’t stick with it.  In 2012 I joined Origami Owl simply because I fell in love with telling my story through jewelry and knew I needed more.  Then in 2017 I became a Beauty Advisor with Willing Beauty, a new company through our Origami Owl family of brands, and I also joined Tupperware because I want my home to be more organized.  So, yeah, simple, right?  Well I’m trying at least!  

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