Creative Outlets

Now more than ever, I truly believe each of us needs some sort of creative outlet. Don’t you agree? I have friends that knit, paint, bake, write…

Have you found your creative side yet? I wasn’t sure I would ever find something I really liked to create. I have made hairbows, helped tell stories with jewelry, but now I like to make signs and home decor.

I had heard about Chalk Couture a few years ago, but at that time I was too busy helping others create their story with jewelry. Everything fell into place when we started our woodworking/sign business, Chalk Couture seemed to fit right in with what I wanted to do. It has been lots of fun adding it into our business and somehow a great stress reliever for me. I can’t really explain how satisfying it is to squeegee the chalk onto the silk screen transfer then peel up the transfer to see a perfectly beautiful creation, I still gasp in awe each time lol! You just have to try it for yourself to see what I mean. Subscribe to our vibe and you will be pleasantly surprised yet also just as addicted as I am. I tell no lies ha ha ha!

One other amazing part is that Chalk Couture also has ink. Yes, Ink to put on fabric, glass, canvas, mugs, you name it. I am still trying to master inking on fabric, but I love inking on coffee mugs. This canvas bag was a creation I made earlier this month with our October Club Couture transfer.

Makeup bag, makes a sweet gift for any girl.

It’s a wonderful feeling seeing your creation finished, take a look at the process here.

Several mugs I have inked

Want to see how easy and fun it is to ink on mugs, check it out here.

I recently found Canvas on sale at Michael’s, so what better time to try out these big transfers I have been holding onto. Here are two of my latest, I can’t help myself to just keep telling you how much fun this is!

The darling print is on a 18″ x 24″ canvas, Michael’s has a 3 pack for $10.99 right now and the Hot Cocoa print is on a 16″ x 20″ canvas also on sale for $10.99 but a 5 pack, that is a sweet deal. You can create these yourself using these types of canvas or any surface really. You can find what I used at my Chalk shop. Get your creative juices flowing, there are so many chalkology paste colors to choose from and don’t forget to add on a squeegee for easy application.

By the way, the darling transfer is a special at the moment and I believe will retire soon, so if that piece speaks to you, don’t wait, go get it now! Here are a couple surfaces you can use too.

Hanging banner 21″ x 29″
Sylvie White Frame 12″ x 18″

I would love to know how it turns out for you when you decide to create yours. You can follow and find me on most social sites by searching Authentic Angelle and also my links are on the home page.

Published by Authentic Angelle'

Happily married for 21 years with 2 beautiful children. I am also the manager at a Self- Storage/Mobile Home & RV community, it gives me the flexibility of time, if I need to leave to tend to my teens I’m out the door and on my way 😉 We recently decided to start our own woodwork and sign business earlier this year. Hubby cuts the wood and I make it pretty. Chalk Couture was a company I had heard about a few years ago but didn’t interest me at the time, but now it fits perfect with our new business! I am having so much fun creating custom pieces and I just can’t wait to see our small business grow.

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