Fall blessings

Seeing a project completed is a really nice feeling.

I recently received my club couture transfer with my new Chalk Couture box after I just decided to go for it!

Design. Love. Repeat.

I wanted a pumpkin for my front door, so my husband was kind enough 🤪 to cut one for me.

I played around with my acrylic paint colors by mixing some and adding water. Here is the look I achieved:

I love the way the colors turned out!

Now for the fun part! The feeling of putting the chalk on the squeegee then pasting it on the surface over the transfer is so much fun yet oddly relaxing at the same time.

Can’t take credit for this but check out below my finished pumpkin 🎃
FALL blessings

I honestly didn’t think I would love working with chalk this much because I have been using my cricut and painting for most of the year now. Chalk Couture is just amazing. I am impressed so far and it doesn’t hurt that I get to purchase it all at 40% off!

Our holiday suite launch was today. I have been with another company or two before so I know all too well about launches 😉 Today went surprisingly smooth and I was happy with my experience ordering. You can check out the new goods here 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/32uIc7C

I would love to connect with you if you have read this far lol; so thank you! Join my vip group for LIVE chalking, specials and fun

Bee authentic

Published by Authentic Angelle'

Happily married for 21 years with 2 beautiful children. I am also the manager at a Self- Storage/Mobile Home & RV community, it gives me the flexibility of time, if I need to leave to tend to my teens I’m out the door and on my way 😉 We recently decided to start our own woodwork and sign business earlier this year. Hubby cuts the wood and I make it pretty. Chalk Couture was a company I had heard about a few years ago but didn’t interest me at the time, but now it fits perfect with our new business! I am having so much fun creating custom pieces and I just can’t wait to see our small business grow.

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