Tough losses

It’s always hard when our kids experience a tough loss in a competition.  We do our best to stay positive and console their defeat.  When really, sometimes I just want to cry along with them!  Instead we hold it in, and stay strong, not much else we can do right?  Yesterday was our first time competing in this activity.  I thought the team did amazing and we are so proud of all of them for their efforts.  It was a fun experience, I am still surprised by the results they were given, but it’s just one of those things in life.  You can’t be bitter, you can only learn from it and try to do better next year.  Middle school is tough enough, Monday announcements will be exciting for most, but hard for some to sit through.  I told her last night, it is okay to be sad, cry tonight and get it all out.  Tomorrow it will be time to move her focus onto something new.  We will be cheering on all our friends as they continue on to state, so proud of all the kids and the hard work they put through.

There is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences. ~ author unknown


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