Willing Hearts – Positive Minds
I can’t contain my excitement for this! {Origami Owl will forever been in my heart and a part of me, in no way does this mean I am giving my O2 journey up} So, this is embarrassing to talk about but I suffer from adult acne 🙁 I had no acne as a teen lol, now all of a sudden, what up hormones 😳 I have been using Willa’s clear skin line for a little over a week now, I just ordered more yesterday for the kids. Of course I was skeptical, who wouldn’t be!?! I will be sharing my results this Friday, I took a pic last Friday, no filters at all (I think it’s ridiculous when someone tries to show you results but it’s obvious they used a filter, please 🤢) I will be putting myself out there to show you my results! There was this other brand I used, no naming, {no judging and no negativity} but it dried out my skin so I was told maybe not to use it everyday 😉 I have not had this problem with Willa, so to say I’m excited about our new Willing Beauty {Better for You} skincare is an understatement! No Animal testing, cruelty free, leaping bunny seal products, plus 100% happy guarantee, no samples needed, you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund! Sounds fabulous to me! Also we have this cool learn & earn program for 11-17 year olds, entrepreneurs in the making! Want to here more? Reach out to me, join here to follow my skincare journey {lurkers welcome} 💗 https://www.facebook.com/groups/willingheartspositiveminds/
Pre-Launch February 14th = be one of the first
“What does ground floor opportunity mean? According to Wikipedia it means an opportunity to join a young organization or company and doing all types of work to help it grow. It holds the promise of, if successful, being in some station of authority after the company establishes itself.”
Willing Hearts Positive Minds only 💕
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