Off to Hogwarts we go

Harry Potter… calling Harry Potter!

I don’t know many people who haven’t read the books or watched the movies. As a family we love the series and the movies. We were so excited to go to Universal two years ago to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Have you been?

Butter beer is a must. It was sweeter than I liked but you have to have it at least once right!

Kids enjoyed picking out a wand. This was like a huge souvenir purchase but they really didn’t get much else except maybe a T-shirt lol!

She begged but I had to draw the line, at least she got a pic in one, not like she would have ever worn it again 😂

Had to get chocolate frogs, well just had to!

Of course the Hogwarts express train was perfect to get from one side of park to the other.

Great memories!

Be prepared for long lines but it was a fun trip!!!

I’m so excited that Origami Owl is partnering with Warner Brothers for a Harry Potter collection!!! I squealed when I heard the news!

We won’t have more details for at least another month. I have many guesses as to what charms we will carry. What would you like to see? If you want to be one of the first to catch a glimpse be sure to join my community 😉

Want an opportunity to win the new Spring collection(Harry Potter not included)? I have the details in my community for all my VIPS

Eeeek! This beloved book series is turning 20 YEARS OLD this year and Origami Owl is celebrating by introducing a new Harry Potter for Origami Owl collection coming this spring! Can you believe that?! Where are my Harry Potter fans??

but first coffee

Morning Sunshine ☀️

Coffee is always a good idea, simple mom here, running on caffeine and the good Lord to get me thru the day.

All this world needs right now is some hope, faith, love and coffee ☕️

Pinterest has been my go to for all things to use as inspiration for our “new” home. I wanted a coffee bar station. Hubby was going to help and make me a side table to be near cabinet by our breakfast nook but I decided to save that space for room when I ask him to build our breakfast nook corner bench 😂

So I began searching coffee bar cabinet station, I have the space and it worked out well I think

I found the coffee mug stand on Amazon, have to love prime! I would still like to add a few canisters, coffee, sugar, and tea. If you have some you love please share.

We are focusing on one room at a time, I’ll post later about my new office and our dining room, I’m so happy with both!

Hoop there it is….

Have you seen our new fall collection yet? I'm happy to send you a take out menu aka catalog through the mail 😉 I have these in silver and rose gold and absolutely love them 💕 Which ones can I put you down for? I plan to order the gunmetal eye candy jewel earrings because why not, they are gorgeous 😍 With my goal to be a force for good here are my thoughts…..
FUNDRAISER> I will donate $1 for every pair purchased to a local women's shelter!

Find these beauties plus more here

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