What a powerful statement!  This was a topic of discussion at my Weight Watchers meeting this morning.  

What you THINK….determines how you FEEL….which determines what you DO


Simple mom, Simple life đź’›

What is happening in your life?

So happy & excited to get my Willing Beauty box in the mail yesterday! Have you heard of Willing Beauty yet? I would love to tell you all about our better for you skincare line đź’›

Autism Awareness Month 

I simply love our force for good specials each month!  Be the missing puzzle piece and give back! Starting April 18 at Noon CT through April 24 at 11:59 p.m. CT, or while supplies last*, you can purchase our limited-time “Love You to Pieces” Silver Twist Living Locket® look for just $29 USD | $38 CAD. Origami Owl® will donate $1 from every look purchased to benefit the Autism Society in the U.S. and Autism Canada in Canada. This exclusive look has a retail value of $57 USD | $75 CAD. You’ll find it on my O2 website by clicking  Shop > What’s New > Force for Good or just click here!

Origami Owl is honored to support the Autism Society and Autism Canada. 

The Autism Society, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, strives to improve the lives of everyone who is affected by autism. In partnership with over 100 local and state affiliates, the Autism Society supports millions of individuals and families impacted by autism. Autism Canada is a robust and efficient organization with hope, vision and a commitment to make a significant difference for Canadians living with autism and their families.

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Be your own kind of beautiful 

There is beauty in everything.  Beauty truly does begin with heart ❤️ A pretty face does not make you beautiful.  Being kind and courageous makes you beautiful.  Being thoughtful and loving makes you beautiful.  To have a giving heart makes you beautiful.  Living with all your heart, mind and soul is beautiful.