Born to Glow


Today, we’re featuring our Skin Elixir, which in April will officially take on the name BORN TO GLOW Skin Elixir!! Here are a couple of key facts about this product!
<3 Retails at $39 beginning in April – sold as an a la carte item and can be added to any replenishment order
<3 Blend of 7 pure plant essential oils
<3 Instantly absorbs – no greasy residue!
<3 Great for acne-prone skin to control overproduction of oil by skin
<3 Softens and improves skin elasticity

Watch Christy Prunier, our founder, speak about this skin elixir here.

I love this liquid gold so much, I was skeptical at first, wondered why I would want to add more oil to my face, but it truly does absorb instantly and left no greasy residue <3

Find out more here!


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